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Wise Science Tutoring - Help with a dash of wisdom.

Jenny and Allie met at work, where they both science tutors at a local college. They started Wise Science Tutoring to help more students access science tutoring from tutors with experience and a passion for science. With jobs, extracurricular activities, and other responsibilities, students need to access tutors on their schedules. By putting their experience and passion for science to work, Jenny and Allie hope to help students find success in science classes while still meeting the demands of busy student life.

Our Tutors

  • Jenny Keller

    Founder, Wise Science Tutoring

    Biology Tutor

    Anatomy Tutor

    • 15 years of tutoring experience

    • CRLA  accredited  level III (master) tutor

    • Member of the National Tutoring Association

    • B.S. in Anthropology

  • Alyssa (Allie) Tavares

    Co-Founder, Wise Science Tutoring

    Chemistry Tutor

    Microbiology Tutor

    • 8 years of tutoring experience

    • CRLA accredited level I tutor

    • Member of the National Tutoring Association

    • B.S. in Biology

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